About the Australian Warrior Expo 2018

About the Australian Warrior Expo  AWE2018 Police Security Military Expo

The Australian Warrior Expo was born out of pure necessity. The absolute demand for a combined Law Enforcement, Military, Emergency Services and Security Expo Down-under in Australia. So in 2016 a team of former Australian Police and Military individuals went on another mission (no guns this time) to the US, the UK and Germany. There they met with some leading US Manufacturers of Law Enforcement, Military and Tactical products and equipment and they asked them a question...

"Have you ever been to a Law Enforcement and Military Trade show in Australia?"

“No, we want to get down there, but we haven’t heard of an Expo down there”

“Thats because there hasn’t been one .. until now... let us tell you about the Australian Warrior Expo”

...and with that they signed up.

These Manufacturers want to tell you about the products they make, they want you to see them and hear the story behind them.

Now is your chance, the Australian Warrior Expo is for those who serve. Firefighters, Soldiers, Our Police and Paramedics, our SES who are there when we need it and our Security Officers that protect us.  It’s also about those that appreciate the highest quality gear, our hikers, outdoor adventurers and adrenaline junkies. The Australian Warrior Expo is for you.

The Team behind the Australian Warrior Expo are passionate and excited to present AWE2018... An Expo for those that serve, bringing the most recognised and respected brands and companies under one roof for 3 days of AWEsomeness.

The Australian Warrior Expo (AWE), is Australia’s premier Law Enforcement, Military, Emergency Services and Security Expo and is the only event of its type in Australia. AWE is dedicated to showcasing the latest products, technology, equipment and services to this niche market. AWE is not like any other trade show, with a huge focus on Hospitality encompassing a VIP Night and an AWE party, bringing Agencies and Professionals together and a full retail store.

The Australian Warrior Expo is Australia's only Expo for our front line professionals in Law Enforcement, the Military, Fire & Rescue, First Responders and Security.
For Police, Australian Border Force, Correctional Facilities, SES and other Government Agencies this is the premier event to view operational equipment, the latest products and meet with Manufacturers and Distributors.

Agencies that will benefit out of attending AWE2018 include:
• The Australian Defence Force
• Australian Federal and State Police Agencies
• Customs Border and Protection Service
• State Emergency Services
• Fire and Rescue Agencies
• Paramedic and Ambulance Organisations
• Aid Organisations
• State Correctional Facilities
• Private Security Companies

If you are employed as a Public Safety Professional, First Responder, in Law Enforcement or our Armed Services AWE2018 is the Expo for you.

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