Exhibitor Booking Form

To book your space at the Australian Warrior Expo please complete our online booking form or alternatively click here to download a printable form which you can scan and send back to us at sales@australianwarriorexpo.com.au

Tactical Expo Australia Exhibitor Booking Form

Stand Packages

Use these amounts to calculate your cost

Shell Scheme Exhibition Stand
3m x 3m Shell Scheme includes:

  • Fascia with Company Name and Stand Number
  • 2 x 120W Spotlights
  • 1 x 4amp Power
  • Carpeted Floor 

Early Bird Price (Booked by 28 Feb 2018) $2681.82 + GST
Price (If booked after 28 Feb 2018) $3590.91 + GST

Floor Space Only (Minimum 18 sqm.)
Early Bird Price (Booked by 28 Feb 2018) $268.18 + GST per Sqm 
Price (If booked after 28 Feb 2018) $359.10 + GST



Agreement Terms
1. The Exhibitor hereby acknowledges and agrees that, if this Exhibition Space Application is accepted by Australian Warrior Expo (ABN: 27 147 570 563) (hereinafter called the “Organiser”) and upon such acceptance, a binding agreement will arise between the Exhibitor and the Organiser on the terms and conditions set out herein and the Exhibitor will thereupon be liable for the payment to the Organiser of the exhibition charges specified in the Exhibition Space Application.
2. The Exhibitor acknowledges that, if this Exhibition Space Application is accepted, the Organiser will notify the Exhibitor in writing of such acceptance. For the purpose of these Agreement Terms, the issuing of an invoice by the Organiser to the Exhibitor in respect of such Exhibition Space Application shall be deemed to be sufficient notification to the Exhibitor by the Organiser of the Organiser’s acceptance of the Exhibition Space Application.
3. This Exhibition Space Application may not be cancelled, withdrawn or varied by the Exhibitor without the express written approval of the Organiser. Unless otherwise agreed by the Organiser, in the event of such cancellation by the Exhibitor or withdrawal by the Exhibitor from Australian Warrior Expo 2018, the full amount of the exhibition charges applicable to this Exhibition Space Application will immediately become due and payable by the Exhibitor to the Organiser.
4. The Exhibitor agrees that the Exhibitor will be bound by the General Conditions of Exhibition published by the Organiser in respect of Australian Warrior Expo 2018 and the Exhibitor, together with the Exhibitor’s employees, servants, agents and/or contractors, will be bound by the Exhibition Regulations from time to time promulgated by the Organiser (including all amendments to such Regulations from time to time made by the Organiser) and all other directions and instructions that may be issued by the Organiser or its officials. (The said General Conditions of Exhibition are included with this Exhibition Space Application).
5. The Exhibitor hereby agrees to indemnify the Organiser (and its members, officials, servants and agents) against all loss or damage which they or any of them may sustain as a result of any non-compliance by the Exhibitor or by the Exhibitor’s employees, servants, agents or contractors with the General Conditions of Exhibition, the Exhibition Regulations (as amended) and any other instruction or direction that may be issued by the Organiser or its officials.