Victorinox. A name synonymous with incredible Swiss design and craftsmanship. From humble beginnings in 1884, founder Karl Elsener ensured his products were innovative, functional, durable and high quality, whilst always providing outstanding customer service. Over the course of the company’s 130-year history, Victorinox has been uncompromising in staying true to these principles.

After initially designing a soldiers knife which was extremely robust, but also quite heavy, Karl Elsener redesigned a more light-weight and elegant knife and thus the idea of the multi-function tool was born. This knife, forged from Swiss steel laid, the foundations for Victorinox’s impressive success story and is famous today as the Original Swiss Army Knife.

Check out their amazing Rescue tool.

As has been the case for over 130 years, knives still form the basis for the success enjoyed by Victorinox – currently the largest knife manufacturer in Europe. The pocket knives and multi-tools produced at the Ibach workshops, whose casings proudly bear the famous emblem featuring a cross and a shield, enjoy worldwide cult status. Their innovative and unrivalled design has been honoured with numerous awards and permanent positions in exhibitions in renowned museums around the world. The range currently comprises over 400 models with up to 80 different functions.

Fun fact: Victorinox is the combination of founder Karl Elsener's mother's name, Victoria, with inox (abbreviation for acier inoxydable, the French term for stainless steel).

We are thrilled to announce some lucky visitors to AWE2018 will get the chance to build their own knife. Keep a look out for how to be on the list! In the mean time, keep up to date with all Victorinox news on their Facebok page.


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