True Protein

True Protein - Silver Sponsor

True Protein - Silver Sponsor

Their Journey

Every great innovation starts with a great problem, True protein founders Ben and James Kierath identified a now seemingly obvious problem and questioned why clean, honest and premium quality sports supplements just didn’t seem to exist.

An idea and vision stemming from the clear lack of clean and honest products available in the world today, True protein has been grown organically from its foundations with some core beliefs at the heart of everything we do.

Their Values

Early on in their research and development years their core values became set in stone;

  • To use only the best quality ingredients available from all corners of the world.

  • To offer complete transparency of everything that goes in to our industry leading products.

  • To use only natural and organic ingredients.

  • To be at the cutting edge and push the boundaries of sports nutrition innovation.

Their Passion

Old roads don’t lead to new directions, which is something they came up against very early on. To change the industry completely they had to forge their own way. Developing all natural sports supplements was unheard of but their passion to break the mold and create a lasting legacy eventually paid off.

Their team of experts, through months of research and development formulated the cleanest, best quality and most honest, premium protein available today.

Their Dedication

True Protein and their team of experts have continued to push the limits and set new industry standards. When it comes to sports supplements that are all natural and most importantly are effective in giving you the competitive edge, True Protein will continue to lead the revolution.

They are transparent, honest and strive for innovative simplicity. True Protein unlocks your true potential and propels you towards those great moments, those life changing achievements, so you can be a true inspiration.

You have one body, one shot, one opportunity. Be true.

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