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Triple B Industries Leather Nylon Webbing Duty Gear for Police

Triple B was originally established in 1986 by Mr. Terrance (Taffy) Williams, Taffy was one of those hard working immigrants that helped build the Snowy Mountain Hydro so hard work was nothing new to Taffy, after living some years down in Victoria it was decided to have a look at what the warmer climate in Queensland could offer him.

Now it all began with Taffy's interest in good quality pouches for firearms / knives and also belts so in the basement of Taffy's 2 storey family home located in Cinderella Drive, Springwood (an outer southern suburb) of Brisbane QLD.

Taffy established himself within the local area as the man to go to for anything made from leather, it wasn't long before word reached the local law enforcement agencies in security that used working dogs about Taffy's ability to make dog handling gear better than the imports. Over time it was inevitable that Taffy's work with security caught the interest of those that work for the QLD Police Dog Squad and from this humble start, the progress has never ceased and the product range has just kept growing to its current range, with new products always on the drawing board.

In the year of 2011 Taffy decided he had worked long enough and at the age of 72 was due for retirement, it was at this time Robert Spary went into discussions and negotiations with Taffy to acquire the company and hence a contract was drawn up and Triple B Leathercraft has been engaging new technologies and equipment to bring the company to its current technological level of manufacturing.

Triple B Industries - 1/13 Josephine St - Current Location

Triple B now has what we believe to be the best state of the art sewing machinery, automatic riveting machinery, leather belt line equipment, strap cutting, laser cutting, 3D prototyping, plastic moulding, a metal press shop, tool room and a nickel plating facility. There are many more elements that contribute to Triple B's vast list of equipment and knowledge, we can make just about any Law Enforcement Accoutrement that you require.

Triple B has the ability to react to a new product or change in design immediately, so in most cases we can take a client's idea and produce a prototype  within 24 to 48hrs from the original meeting (whether it be face to face, via email or phone).

Triple B will utilise Australian made materials wherever possible before exploring international suppliers, employ Australians at our Loganholme facility and support the Police and ancilliary divisions.

Our goal is to source and maintain the latest resources on hand which allow us to respond to any law enforcement requirement without jeopardising quality or delivery times to any government agency Australia wide.

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