Intelligent key cabinets and locker systems for every application

Traka systems enable you to secure, manage and audit the use of almost any physical asset, including: premises, devices, secure areas, equipment, machinery and vehicles. Traka provides intelligent key management and equipment management to better protect your important assets - resulting in improved efficiency, reduced downtime, less damage and fewer losses which in turn means less administration and lower operating costs.

Military Access Management & Asset Management Solutions

The Military and Defence sector has many unique applications to ensure that complete health, safety and security standards are met. We provide military asset management solutions for securing guns, weapons, ammunition, fleet vehicles, keys and facilities as well as lockers for personal issue and pool devices.

Traka is the leading worldwide specialist in military asset management and intielligent key management solutions. We manufacture secure cabinets and locker systems that allow you to control and audit who has access to your valuable keys and assets- keeping them out of the wrong hands.

Traka's military key management systems are fully automated negating the need for staff to manually issue keys and equipment, saving more time for work in the field. With Traka's military key management systems you maintain a full audit trail of who has access to which keys and equipment and when. We can even go as far as ensuring that your staff don't leave the premise while they are still in possession of valuable assets or sensitive keys. Traka's intelligent military locker solutions and key cabinets are operated using our powerful software and can be fully integrated with your current access control systems.

Emergency Services

Traka's emergency services key cabinets and lockers have been used by emergency services for many years. Our unique intelligent solutions mean that not only are your assets safely secured and charged ready for use, but our systems also create a full audit trail including who was the last user, when the asset was removed and when it was replaced. Traka can increase the lifetime of your assets by holding your staff more accountable and improve your operational efficiency by automating issuing and monitoring device usage.

Traka solutions can be applied to manage all your equipment, valuables and sensitive material:

  • Controlled drugs
  • Evidence and detained property
  • Body worn cameras
  • Fleet vehicles
  • Laptops, mobile devices and tablets
  • Weapons management
  • Specialist medical equipment
  • Taser management
  • Incapacitant spray
  • Search and rescue equipment
  • ESN mobile devices
  • Breath test devices

Whether you are managing a fleet of cars, personal devices or a pool allocation of assets, Traka can help you control, manage and audit usage, so that your valuable items don’t get lost, stolen or into the wrong hands. Faulty equipment can be logged within the locker when devices are returned to avoid it being dispensed to a different member of staff. Notifications can be sent to the manager or administrator in charge if devices are not returned by predefined curfews and furthermore, mileage logging, key booking and alcohol testing can be implemented as additional options for your Traka system.

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