The Strong Life Project

What is The Strong Life Project?

Shaun O'Gorman knows what it's like to suffer from PTSDdepression, and to battle with suicide.

He served a 13-year career as a Police Officer in Queensland, including 9 years as a Police K9 handler. The violence, death, and depravity he saw people perpetrate against each other had a lasting effect on him. It culminated with him lying in bed, with a Glock pistol in hand, trying to find a reason not to end his life. 

This ended the Policing career he had dreamed of since he was a child. For a man coming from a Police family, in which his father served for 42 years, this was devastating. The loss of identity was one of the hardest parts to deal with.

ABOUT SHAUN O'GORMAN - The Strong Life Project from Shaun O'Gorman on Vimeo.


What help is there?

Shaun couldn't find anyone who could help him out of the hole he was in, so he spent the next 15 years educating himself on how to beat PTSD and depression. He now takes the lessons learned to help other Police, Military and First Responders deal with the trauma their duties expose them to. 

He strongly believes that it is possible to prepare yourself for what you will experience in your career to prevent you experiencing what he did.

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