TapRack! Creating a Next Level Culture through training, equipping and team building.

What does it take to be part of the Next Level Culture? You are constantly striving to be a little bit better! You take your role a Police Officer or similar profession seriously. You ensure you have the kit you need, and you maintain it. You train hard to be ‘fit for purpose’. You take your safety seriously, and your colleagues safety just as seriously! If this sounds like you and you want to connect with like minded professionals, then the TapRack community is for you.

TapRack kicked off as a web store with a mission to put quality gear into the hands of Police at a reasonable price. TapRack might be small player in a big game but they have managed to be competitive with much larger companies. They have also maintained their commitment to contribute to Blue Hope from every sale.

But this is just the very start of TapRack!

Near future plans include;

  • A program to get Police shooting off duty,

  • Facilitation of Tactical First Aid/Self Aid training through specialist partnerships,

  • Fitness program support for applicants, recruits, and current serving officers through specialist partnerships,

  • Exposure to complimentary skills and training,

  • Events to encourage socialising, debriefing, and the growth of the Next Level Culture.


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