Blue Hope

AWE2018 Charity Sponsor

Blue HOPE is a unique not for profit organisation staffed by people with policing experience. When our clients reach out for help, with their permission we case manage and coordinate professional support for them.

We are passionate about supporting police. Because we have served ourselves, we know what it’s like. This intimate understanding of police culture is pivotal in building the trust necessary to coordinate services for those we are helping.

In 2016, Blue HOPE launched an anonymous Help Line – 1300 00 BLUE (2583) to provide support for police officers and their families.

Between 2001 and 2010, 63 serving Australian Police Officers took their own lives. Only four had reached out for help. Why? In many cases, police do not trust internal supports and an alternate source of support is needed to fill the void.

Enter Blue HOPE.

Anyone with any length of policing service knows someone who has died from suicide. We have all grieved, attended funerals, pondered on the circumstances and ultimately moved on with our lives. Until the next one.

When a policing colleague tragically took his own life in 2014, the directors of Blue HOPE started asking questions.

Why is suicide more prevalent in policing? Why are some police reluctant to turn to internal supports? How can we change the stigma of mental health issues in policing circles? How can we raise awareness? How could we create an alternative that may result in saving lives?

And so Blue HOPE was born through the creation of a Facebook page. Such was the response and the demand on services, that Blue HOPE grew and continues to grow.

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