Within BIA5 is over 80 aggregate years of operational experience in the field of covert and overt electronic support systems. Their pedigree in military, police and intelligence operations, within agencies at the state and federal level jurisdictions is unique among technology integrators in Australasia. Their team are all technically trained and operationally experienced, and have served in a diverse group of agencies.

BIA5 sources and supplies technology that provides military, law enforcement and private security agencies capability and choice to achieve desired outcomes. Their application of technological solutions to cutting edge operational methods reliably expand options for response to a range of operational scenarios.

the BIA5 team has travelled throughout Australia and internationally to present to senior leadership teams as well as operators and end user groups on the integration of technology into tactical environments. They are continuing to work with some of these groups to further develop equipment suited for their needs.

BIA5 is in an active development and supply partnership with Deakin University’s IISRI for the OZBot robotic platforms. These ground based robots are currently being used by the Queensland Police Service Special Emergency Response Team and their State Negotiators.

Their aim is to apply fit for purpose technology to work within and alongside end users in industrial, policing and convert technology scenarios, turning ideas into industry and first responder capability. They offer a team of dedicated staff with interment knowledge and understanding of our customer’s needs. This partnered with the technical skillset to provide the after sales service to ensure equipment is sold with ongoing customer engagement ensuring operational capability and safety are maintained.

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