Belligerent Digger

Belligerent Digger grew from a hobby of screen printing gym singlets in the backyard for army mates around 2009. Since then, after a few different iterations and pauses due to deployments, Belligerent Digger has turned into a business that makes PT gear as well as accessories. They currently focus on producing shorts that are compliant with the Australian Army dress manual.

Belligerent Digger is run by a former infantryman of the Royal Australian Regiment and is aimed towards military members who want decent quality garments for under shirts, PT and gym wear and custom unit shirts. Belligerent Digger do their best to make garments that are within the limits and spirit of the ADM and will be acceptable for wear at work.

Belligerent Digger aim to make decent quality PT and gym apparel and provide it to diggers at a reasonable price. 

BD product list;

  • PT shirts
  • PT shorts
  • Gym towels
  • Gym singlets
  • Beer coolers
  • Accessories like patches, stickers and hats.

Belligerent Digger is

Belligerent: adj. 1. Inclined to fight. 2. Hostile or aggressive, especially when engaged in war.

Digger: adj. 1. Affectionate term for Australian combat soldiers, originating around the time of the Gallipoli Peninsula campaign in WW1 where digging in trenches was a common activity. Also applied the Kiwi members of the ANZACs.

So Belligerent Digger is the angry digger in the battalion who gets shat on, but keeps on soldiering. In spite of the pineapples, they still want to do the job. Embracing the pineapple is a positive trait and just shows the grit of the Aussie digger.

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